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My name is Irene, after I had our 2nd baby I found myself 20kgs overweight, I lacked the energy to look after my two young boys and felt pretty crappy. I was consistently disappointed that I had nothing to wear and when I attempted to put on my pre-pregnancy clothes, they weren’t even coming close to fitting me. I started to feel really down in the dumps and that’s when I realised that I needed and wanted to do something about it, to get myself back on track and to start feeling like my old self again.

I started training with Rob Smyth in 2010. Rob always made sure that I was doing the exercises correctly, that I was being challenged and he always kept it interesting.  Not only was Rob educating me regarding how and when to train, he also educated me on nutrition; what foods to eat at what times, how much food to consume according to my personal goal, my body and lifestyle herunterladen. Rob also encouraged me to participate in a 9 week weight loss challenge, which I found very motivating as I’m a fairly competitive personal by nature.  By the end of the 9 weeks I successfully lost 13kgs and I was much closer to my goal of losing 20kgs.  Another 6 weeks of regular exercise and eating well I lost a further 7 kgs and I was back on track and feeling absolutely fantastic.  I achieved all my personal goals and I even felt I could deal with my 2 young boys much better and enjoyed being out and about with them, including being down the beach.

At no point during my weight loss journey did I feel like I was on a diet. Rob made exercise very enjoyable and food was just about choosing healthy options. I discovered that the more I exercised the more I was inclined to eat well.  Rob encouraged me to reward myself by having a ‘cheat day’ once a week were by I could treat myself to anything I wanted.

I always looked forward to my one on one sessions with Rob and I even enjoyed weighing in every week as it motivated me to see the results. Rob would also get excited when the kgs were dropping off and always made me feel awesome about my achievement cloudwise. Rob and I use to share great stories and have a laugh as well about all sorts of experiences life has to offer.  He is a very mature and worldly man for his years.

Rob was extremely professional and extremely diligent.  Rob kept a thorough record written record of goals, aspirations and weekly achievements and he happily shared it week in week out which was motivating and very encouraging.

I have achieved a great number of different personal goals too. One of which I’m particularly proud of was my 1st half marathon. Rob prepared me for the 21km run which I was keen to participate in.  Rob happily took me on a 16 km run in his own time and not to mention some of the other shorter runs we ran together outside of our normal training schedule.  Rob helped me appreciate and fall in love with running, particularly the great feeling you get when you finish. The freedom it offers me to be out and about on my own or with some running buddies is absolutely awesome.

I’m also pleased to say, 2 years later, I have maintained my weight and my fitness level even after giving birth to our 3rd little boy.  The education that Rob provided me when we trained together is a life time of good health and well being herunterladen.

I can’t thank Rob enough for his commitment to helping me achieve my goals, his friendly, professional and dedicated approach to making exercise fun and for making me always feel comfortable in the gym environment. Rob never disappointed me he was always ready and set to go when I got to the gym, a true dedicated professional.

My husband and I refer to Rob as our friend and we have welcomed him into and home and we wouldn’t hesitate in sharing future meals together,  if the opportunity arises. I sincerely wish Rob all the best in his future and if you are as fortunate as I was to be trained by Rob, enjoy it and take it all within your stride!

Irene – Stay at home Mum – Sydney, Australia

Rob Smyth was my personal trainer for 6 months during 2010 Download epic games launcher faster. I’d never had a trainer before, so I was a little hesitant and nervous about having a personal trainer. From day one, Rob made me feel comfortable, and helped me set some weight, fitness and nutrition goals. Rob taught me how, when and what to eat to stay in shape, but also stressed the importance of letting go and indulging every now and then. He taught me how to manage my diet if I had over-indulged, and kept reminding me that I wasn’t on a diet, but simply eating well. Rob was totally focused when training me. My training regime was a mix of cardio and weights, and I was getting results from the first week. The training programme was constantly adjusted to keep it interesting and enjoyable, and to ensure that I was being pushed to my limits.

Whilst other trainers would play with their mobile phones when training their clients, Rob’s eyes never left me as I did each repetition. He ensured that my movements were executed in a correct, fluid and effective manner ps2 spiele downloaden deutsch. I’ve trained with 6 personal trainers since Rob left to continue his travels, and by comparison, Rob stands ahead of his peers. His technical knowledge is far superior than others, and his physical ability is also an inspiration to clients.

Rob was always punctual, polite and genuine, and is more mature than others of the same age. We had a lot of fun training, and also enjoyed a few feasts together socially.

Even when I train today, I hear Rob’s voice and positive affirmations in my head, which allows me to push myself further and harder than I originally thought possible. My results say it all. Under Rob’s training regime, I lost 18kg (which is double what I initially thought I’d lose), dropped 2 clothing sizes, increased my fitness level, built muscle mass, increased my strength, and my annual medical health check showed dramatic improvements in every area download microsoft office for free 2013. In addition, I have maintained this level for over 12 months now. I feel good about myself and hopefully have set a good example for my three sons about the benefits and importance of health and fitness. I attribute this change to Rob. If Rob were to come back to Sydney, I’d have no hesitation in having Rob as my personal trainer.

Terry – Director, Interior 2 Sydney, Australia

I am delighted to give a reference for a great personal trainer and all round nice guy, Rob Smyth.

During my time as his client I achieved the physical goals that we set and actually enjoyed the process of working out! But I think more importantly, he made being fit something that I really wanted to achieve myself. He is a great motivator, who is results-orientated, dedicated to his work and to achieving goals.

I always found Rob to be not only punctual and professional, but also great fun to workout with. On a personal note, I was delighted that Rob decided to help me raise funds for my charity, Think Pink & Drink filmsen 2018. He was responsible for getting together a team of trainers, and putting them to work, after hours, to raise money for Women’s cancers. Such awareness and compassion is hard to find in most young men today.

I wish Rob all the very best. I believe him to be someone who will be a success at whatever he chooses to do and I am certain that anyone associated with him in the future, as a client, an employer or employee will agree with my summation of what a great guy he is.

Debi Claus – Director, Brompton Beauty Services Pty Ltd – Sydney Australia

I have worked with Rob Smyth over a period of 2 years. Most recently he has worked with me on a management level at Bee Active. We are a personal training studio with a team of 6 trainers. We are located in Sydney, Australia servicing over 150 clients weekly. Over his time at Bee Active Personal Training Rob proved himself to be an asset to the business through his dedication to his own goals as well as helping our clients and team reach their goals Download wallpapers for free windows 7. As the owner of Bee Active Personal Training I can say Rob is one of the best personal trainers and managers I’ve ever worked with.

Rob has a can do attitude and was always willing to accept new challenges and responsibilities. Rob was well respected by our trainers and acted as a mentor to new trainers entering the personal training field. Integrity, knowledge and honesty are three of Rob’s qualities that enable him to work well both alone and in a team environment. Rob has a wealth of marketing ideas that we have actioned to help grow our studio into a profitable venture. I would be more than happy to employ Rob again or recommend him to any employer who needs a punctual, reliable and trustworthy employee.

Adam Grono – Director – Bee Active Personal Training – Sydney Australia

I have been asked to provide a reference for Rob Smyth which I do without hesitation. Rob acted as my fitness trainer for a period in 2010 whilst I was living in Sydney. From the initial consultation he provided thorough, knowledgeable and concise information and appraisal of my level of fitness bilder von der samsung cloud herunterladen. He then set about agreeing with me the programme we would follow and the diet suggestions to assist in my fitness and weight loss objectives.

Rob created a dynamic program of cardio and strength exercise routines that proved both challenging and productive. His approach was disciplined and structured, yet his easy going nature ensured there was an element of fun involved in the programme. He also ensured that the programme recognised a significant prior injury I had so as to not exacerbate it.

Every session we planned together started and ended on time and met the set objectives. And the ultimate proof was in the achievement of my planned weight loss and fitness improvement. I would thoroughly commend Rob to any potential client or employer. He is a considered, motivated and dedicated fitness professional.

David Butorac – CEO – Sydney Australia

Rob was very knowledgeable and willing to share in-detail the process to training, reasons behind the training and new ideas if results were either slow to appear or not being achieved herunterladen. Rob is very good at discussing a scientific subject in laymen’s terms for all to understand. Rob is a good motivator, understanding of fluctuations in moods and commitment. Also understanding of how to read a personality to change the outcomes sometimes affected by moods and lack of commitment. Rob was always very punctual. Rob also gave and insisted on a balanced approach to both cardio and weights for maximum outcome.

Rob has a great personality. Rob is easy to get along with, a great story teller and communicator. Rob is also a confident source of information and trusted with personal information. Rob enjoys a good laugh and a story. Rob is a great motivator and easy to get along with and very friendly.Results achieved under Rob’s tuition were varied. Completion of two half marathons, weight loss of 10kgs, completion of 2010 Warrior Dash and the motivation to complete my first full marathon.

Niccola Chandler – Director of Sales & marketing, Merriot Hotel – Sydney Austrialia


Rob is a very fit, pleasant, good humored young man full of drive and energy. He knows his stuff and is passionate about helping you to achieve your own health and fitness goals. He encourages you and pushes you to achieve your potential in a firm but friendly way. You always feel that he is 100% focussed on you and your progress.

As a middle-aged man out of condition, I have tried the usual – paying gym membership but not going, saying to myself that I will start tomorrow. The decision to go with Rob has been the best one I could make. I could never push myself alone in a session the way he does and I always feel that I have achieved something after a workout with him – unlike before. I know he also works with a wide variety of people at different levels from my starter level up to athletes working to improve performance.

I can highly recommend Rob and Lets Train if you want someone knowledgeable, fit, interested, motivational and pleasant to help you work out your goals and make steady progress towards them

                                                                                                                                               John  – Owner of The Granary, Dublin, Ireland

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