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The Rainbow Run

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27th February

The Rainbow Run 2015 – Sat, 20th June, 3pm

Rob Smyth – Founder of The Rainbow Run

Third year running and The Rainbow Run is confirmed for another year, an event I started back in 2013 has gone from strength to strength. Selling out in 2014 and confident it will sell out this year!

The Rainbow Run takes the seriousness out of running, most people don’t sign up to running events because they are too scared and don’t know what to expect. People who attend The Rainbow Run are there to have fun with their friends & family and if they run,walk or crawl over the finish line all the better! This is just a fun day out for everyone!

The Rainbow Run on Sat 20th, June, 2015 is Ireland’s most fun 5k run! The first of its kind in Ireland, this … Read More »

Triathlon Nutrition

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22nd January

Lot of people have contacted me about their nutrition and what should I eat before and after training, so instead of answering 100 emails I have decided to write a blog about it. If  you are looking for personal meal plans you can book in for a consultation, just drop me a mail  This is just advice on nutrition, so please note that results may differ from each body-type and genetics. 

 Meet your daily energy demands

It is not uncommon for us to underestimate our energy demands during training.  Unfortunately, with inadequate fuel in your tank, you will never reap full benefit from your training and actually can heighten your risk for injury.  Depending on daily training volume and intensity, most triathletes require a range of 1500-2200 calories, with male triathletes training for long course triathlons requiring the … Read More »


10th January

Let’sTrain100 is giving you the opportunity to train for a triathlon for FREE! The simple idea is to get 100 everyday people to do something extraordinary, finish a Olympic distance Triathlon (swim 1.5km, bike 40km, run10km) on August 25th 2013. The Dublin City Triathlon is nothing more than a metaphor for self-belief, esteem and building a greater sense of self worth and accomplishment. To take on risks, people need to feel they are part of something, a community that they are not alone, that they have support and that others believe in them too. Let’sTrain100 will bring 100 people over the finish line on 25th August 2013. Are you in?

Some of you have completed marathons, pumped the guns in the gym, walked a half marathon or have even walked your dog occasionally!! The range of fitness is … Read More »

Binge Drinking

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28th February

I think we can all say we have been there once in our life……binge drinking or more commonly known as getting pissed!! You may not want to hear the facts & figures of binge drinking but it’s important you know what you are actually doing to your body. Binge drinking is drinking heavily in a short space of time to get drunk or feel the effects of alcohol. We all know the feeling of waking up with a serious headache or for some people hugging the toilet is common. But why do we still do it? The old famous words “I am never drinking again!!” Right, well let’s see if the facts & figures change your mind in the long run.

People should not regularly drink more than the daily unit guidelines of 3-4 units of alcohol for men (equivalent … Read More »

Are You Bananas?!!!!!

30th January

I got an e mail from one of my clients last week saying “are bananas bad for me?” He had a fair point contacting me over this because his fitness goal was weight loss and he was allowed every other fruit except a banana. I told him a large banana has the same amount of carbohydrate as a bowl of pasta (120g) he was shocked when he heard this, he couldnt believe it. He was eating 2-3 bananas before he went to bed thinking he was making the healthy choice! Big mistake, why waste 30g of your carbohydrates on a banana, would you not prefer 2 slices of 9 grain bread or maybe some brown rice or some whole grain pasta?

I am not trying to scare you away from bananas, but for weight loss bananas are a big no … Read More »

Pumping Heart!

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23rd January

I’m sure you have all experienced your heart pumping well over 190BPM, whether your running for a bus, training hard in the gym, trying to keep up with your kids or even having a passionate night in with your loved one! So what should our heart rate be at when we are training? Well it’s a good question and it differs from each age group.

The brains of the fitness industry suggest we stay within 50 – 85% of your maximum heart rate to gain the best results from exercise. We can use a simple formula to find this percentage, subtract your age in years from 220 to find your maximum heart rate. So let’s take an example, John-boy is 40 years old, his maximum heart rate is 180 beats per minute, to find John-boy’s working heart rate zone we multiply by … Read More »