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Fitness Apps of Today

Fitness Apps. Comments Off on Fitness Apps of Today

8th February

The App market is being flooded at the moment with every idea under the sun, trying to turn it into an App. I find most of the Fitness Apps pretty silly and pointless but some of them are worth mentioning and far better than any Angry Birds or Fart Apps herunterladen! No matter how powerful your phone is, it will never know how hard to push you and most importantly, whether or not you are doing the exercises correctly and safely aktuelles windows 10 downloaden.

The range of iPhone Fitness Apps is very impressive, covering everything from intense cardio and heavy weightlifting to lower impact yoga and calorie tracking nederlandse ebook gratis downloaden. The first step is motivating yourself to get off the couch and get yourself in motion. Then, an iFitness App or two can nudge … Read More »

Pumping Heart!

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23rd January

I’m sure you have all experienced your heart pumping well over 190BPM, whether your running for a bus, training hard in the gym, trying to keep up with your kids or even having a passionate night in with your loved one ubuntu studio herunterladen! So what should our heart rate be at when we are training? Well it’s a good question and it differs from each age group.

The brains of the fitness industry suggest we stay within 50 – 85% of your maximum heart rate to gain the best results from exercise Play for free steam. We can use a simple formula to find this percentage, subtract your age in years from 220 to find your maximum heart rate. So let’s take an example, John-boy is 40 years old, his maximum heart rate is 180 beats per … Read More »

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