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Order your Online Fitness Challenge NOW!!

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We have all been here before, you start off on a journey to try and get that body you desire but 2-3 weeks in… give up Download firefox quantum for free!

Well I have structured a 9 week program and lifestyle that will not only get you the body you always desired, but it will keep you accountable and driven through the whole 9 weeks was heißt herunterladen. One thing I will tell you, it is not easy, this takes serious amount of determination and consistency, if you are willing to stick to my weekly training/nutrition plan, you will achieve your fitness goal you always dreamt off kann man am laptop netflix serien herunterladen.
The challenge can be done anywhere in the world, all you need is yourself and a gym membership red dead redemption pc kostenlos downloaden!
This is a LIVE online challenge, The starting date is 8th September, 2014 and there is a max of 100 contestants allowed on this challenge. 
Once you sign up you will be accepted into the private online community page, where everyone will be motivating each other and most of the information will be shared here netflix nur serien downloaden. This is a female & male challenge, so all welcome.
The rules of the 6 pack challenge are
  • You must upload a frontal picture of yourself every 2 weeks from day 1 (pictures will be on a private page not shared)
  • You must post your weight and body-fat % every 2 weeks (first body-fat % measurement is FREE at Let’s Train Studio)
This is what you get
  • Weekly Training Plan – a training plan that is realistic and easy to follow each week, giving you all the exercises and information you need to complete this on your own microsoft word 2013 for free german.
  • Easy to follow nutrition plan–  getting the body you desire is 70% nutrition, so a break down of macronutrients is essential for getting the body your desire herunterladen. This will be a week-to-week diary on what food you should be eating and a shopping list of supplements such as mk2866 and food which you’ll need to develop better muscles fast adobe acrobat pro gratis downloaden.
  • Video library of all exercises, showing you how to perfectly complete each excercise, so no experience needed.
  • Private Community Page – people motivate people, so there is nothing better than a little competition on a private community page, this will also keep you accountable making sure you are posting your pictures and measurements every fortnight herunterladen. Also a great way of building a friendship will fellow contestants, some people even organise a run together or a gym session.
  • 24/7 access to Rob Smyth and his talented team, Vinny Timmons & Julija La, two world renowned body builders that have both come 1st in NABBA contestants and represented Ireland on a world level Download whatsapp is not possible.
  • Supplement Guidelines, there is a lot of false advertising out there about supplements, I will tell you the healthiest supplements to take and which ones to stay away from, I am pro natural and do not promote supplements that have side effects.
  • Your first Body-fat % measurement FREE at Let’s Train Personal Training HQ in Sandyford, please book when you have signed up by emailing
  • Photo-shoot – There will be a photo-shoot at the end of the challenge for everyone, (extra cost) showing you the big results you have achieved. This will also keep you motivated along the way, knowing you will be on a shoot at the end of the 9 weeks!
  • Discounted Personal Training, If finding training on your own a challenge and you want to learn from the best? Every contestant will be given a 30% discount for a Personal Training package at Let’s Train Personal Training in Sandyford.
The nutrition plan & training plan will be posted a week before the challenge starts to allow you to do a food shop and be organised for the start date. There is a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the results you get after following the plan for the 9 weeks!
The early bird price for this program is  €70 a month, 2 payments, this rate applies to the first 50 contestants that sign up, after that the price increases to €90 a month. There is a max of 100 contestants aloud to sign up to this contest, so make sure you book your spot now! (There are no refunds given out once you have signed up, you are either in or out, invest in your health!)


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