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NYC Marathon With Let’s Train Personal Training

Posted on 9th April, by Rob Smyth in Health & Fitness. Comments Off on NYC Marathon With Let’s Train Personal Training

To run a marathon was always on my bucket list, but to run it in the city that never sleeps would be a dream!  Now you can join me on my dream…………

Most of you already know I love testing my body to see how far it will go, as I always keep it in good health thanks to supplements such as lgd 4033 and I have found out it goes pretty far until your mind kicks in and tells you to stop duden. This year I will be taking on the marathon with a lucky bunch of 10 people. I am not a love for long distance running but again I love the challenge and I am determined to do this disney+ download op samsung tv.

Last year I trained 100 people to complete an Olympic distance triathlon, this was a huge success with raising over €8,000 for MNDA download the short film. This year I am teaming up with “Team For Kids Charity” and they have given me 10 designated tickets for the NYC marathon. If I had no sport growing up as a kid I would not have the drive and the determination I have today, actually not sure if I would have even finished school without sport windows 95 herunterladen. Every kid deserves to be schooled and also have a physical education. Team for Kids, which serves over 200,000 children in more than 800 schools and community centres with FREE programs to prevent overweight or obese children from eventually suffering heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses netflix movies ausland. So this is for a great cause.I want to get a lucky group of 10 inspiring people to train with me over the next 6 months and run the NYC Marathon with me on 02/11/14 inventor 2017 herunterladen. Everyone can complete a marathon but what he or she is missing is guidance and support and that’s where I step in.  I will be there with you step by step giving  you knowledge and advice over the next 6 months.The fear is not knowing and people hate stepping out of their comfort zones.Well, I will have you ready for that starting line come November 2nd2014,

Let’s Train NYC Marathon 6 Month Training Plan

What you get…. mail.

  • -Emails with your full workout to keep you on track
  • -Group runs organized through out the 6 months keeping you focused.
  • -Map, graph, and share workouts with your team members by email, Facebook, and Apps
  • -Easily record your workouts manually by an App amazon music auf pc herunterladen.
  • -Track your fitness and gain confidence.
  • -Support 24/7 with Rob Smyth and his team of trainers
  • -Discounted rate for 1 to 1 personal training at Let’s Train HQ in Sandyford
  • -Complete nutrition tracking app and advice on what food to be eating during training download minecraft modpack.
  • -Get support and answers on the private community Facebook page with Let’s Train NYC Marathon Team.
  • -Experience of a life time with a team program for movies for free!

Weekly Training Routine
-4 days of running, 3 rest days

Weekly Mileage:

-Month 1-3: 15-25km

-Month 3-6: 30-52km

-Short runs start at – 5km

-Long runs start at 15km peak at 32km

You will need a little bit of experience in running, I am not looking to be breaking sub 3 hours in this marathon, all I want is to get a group of 10 inspiring people together and complete something that people thought was undoable!

To sign up all you need to do is ………….

  • -Click “Buy Now” button and purchase the Let’s Train 6 month NYC marathon package.
  • -Register at Team for Kids Charity, they have specifically saved 10 places for me so comment “Rob Smyth, Let’s Train” when checking out and sign up.
  •  -You will have to raise $2,620 for Team For Kids Charity and pay $100 for initial registration fee (this gets you a ticket into the NYC marathon) don’t let this scare you, this can be easily raised when we have our Let’s Train NYC Marathon Group set up and running.

To break up the cost of this amazing journey……….

  • -Returned flights (booked by yourself) €530 Aer Lingus
  • -Accommodation per night (booked by yourself) between €50-€300 depending on your budget.
  • -Team For Kids Charity (raise) – $2,640 – €1,827
  • -Let’s Train 6 month NYC marathon training program – €270 (€1.50 per day!)
  • -Race entry fee – €250 (paid closer to event)

If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact me at


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