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Let’s Train100 is giving you the opportunity to train for a triathlon with an inspiring group of people sketchup gratis downloaden 2017. The simple idea is to get 100 everyday people to do something extraordinary, finish a Olympic distance Triathlon (swim 1.5km, bike 40km, run10km) or a Sprint Triathlon (swim 750m, bike 20km, run5km)  in August 2014 download word pc. The Triathlon is nothing more than a metaphor for self-belief, esteem and building a greater sense of self worth and accomplishment. To take on risks, people need to feel they are part of something, a community that they are not alone, that they have support and that others believe in them too gta vice city kostenlos downloaden. Let’sTrain100 will bring 100 people over the finish line in August 2013. Are you in?

Some of you have completed marathons, pumped the guns in the gym, walked a half marathon or have even walked your dog occasionally! kostenlose noten zum downloaden! The range of fitness is far and beyond!

Last year 102 ordinary people crossed the finish line with Let’s Train 100, they had some inspiring stories to tell and loved their experience amazon app coupon. This year I am doing the same, I will be uploading monthly programs for you to complete each week, it’s up to you to stay accountable by sharing with us on the private Facebook community page what you have done download red cross app. I will organise  group runs, ocean swimming and bike rides but most of the training will have to be done by yourself, If you are determined, you will do it idm kostenlos herunterladen.

Let’s Train will also be raising money for a charity that is yet to be decided, I am in talks with a number of charities and I will let you know once I have decided breakout spiele kostenlos downloaden vollversion. I would expect everyone to raise no less than €200 for the chosen charity.

If you wish to tell a friend who you think is interested, please do so, the more people you know in the Let’s Train 100 team the better your motivation……FACT powerpoint 2013!

What now? Have a look at what you get for the next 4 months below, training will be starting on May 5th and the cost for the Let’s Train 100 program is a €65 sharepoint bibliothek herunterladen.

Who ever is interested, please click the “BUY NOW” button, I look forward to hearing from you.

“Do something out of the ordinary, believe in yourself.”

Rob Smyth, Let’s Train

What you get?

For only €65 you will get all of the following…………..

  • 4 Month Training Plan – a Tri specific training plan that is realistic and easy to follow each week, giving you all the distance  and information you need to complete a Olympic Distance Tri.
  • Nutrition advice – Nutrition is a key factor when training for a triathlon, I will offer you great advice in the 4 months of training. What to eat pre/post training and what to consume on the big day of the event.
  • Organised Group runs/swims/rides – I will help organise group training over the 4 months where I will choose a place, time and training distance for you to complete with other Let’s Train 100 members.
  • Private Community Page – people motivate people, so there is nothing better than a private community page, this will  keep you accountable, making sure you are posting your training daily and keeping you on track each week. It’s a great way of building a friendship will fellow contestants, some people even organise a run together or maybe meet at the 4o foot and go for a swim.
  • 24/7 access to Rob Smyth – Always on call via email or maybe you would like to ring me for a chat. I am always here to help.
  • Supplement Guidelines, there is a lot of false advertising out there about supplements, I will tell you the healthiest supplements to take and which ones to stay away from, I am pro natural and do not promote supplements that have side effects
  • Discounted Personal Training, If finding training on your own a challenge and you want to learn from the best? Every contestant will be given a 30% discount for a Personal Training package at Let’s Train Personal Training in Sandyford.
Sample of Training Plan

 If you would like to sign up the the Let’s Train 100 Team, click the “BUY NOW” button.

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