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Does Sbi Accept Rental Agreement As Address Proof

Posted on 17th September, by niallflynn in Uncategorized. Comments Off on Does Sbi Accept Rental Agreement As Address Proof

You may be planning to open a new bank account at the State Bank of India. However, you may still have doubts about which documents are accepted as proof of address. You don`t have to worry now that you`ve landed on the right side. In this article, we have mentioned all the documents that are sufficient for your proof of address to the State Bank of India. For proof of address, the RBI allowed banks to accept documents such as the lease agreement and electricity bills. Hello everyone. I have to do KYC-Updation, I am a tenant, what do I need to prove my current address? In addition, each proof of identity and proof of address document is permanent or up-to-date. P.S. When using the e-KYC service, you must authorize the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), with the explicit consent, to transmit your identity/address to bank branches/commercial correspondents (BC) through biometric authentication. The UIDAI then electronically transmits to the bank your data of name, age, gender and photo. The information provided in this way through the e-KYC process can be treated as an “officially valid document” in accordance with the rules of the PML and constitutes a valid KYC verification procedure. Only one lease registered by a notary is accepted, even if you have lived at your address for more than a year.

I filled out the online application form for opening my older brother`s account, he only has an Aadhar card, a food card and a light invoice as proof, so these are the documents that are enough or not to open an account? Currently, proof of identity and address must be provided. File | Photo: Nagara Gopal This requirement stems from a change in anti-money laundering rules communicated by the Ministry of Finance, which imposes five specific documents to prove the “current” address a customer must file with a bank branch to open a new account. . . .

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