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Body Types

Posted on 9th January, by Rob Smyth in Body Type. 1 Comment

Body Types - Which one are you?

There are 8 billion people in the world and no 2 people have the same genetics on this earth, every person has their own body type and genetics. Do you know a person who eats nothing but unhealthy food and never puts on any weight?

Well I do, but he is not going to be named….. but we will name him Ted for now. Ted eats the worst food you could imagine, works out a little but nothing to boast about and he never puts on any weight and he is pretty toned too with good muscle mass adobe reader dc herunterladen!

It kills me to think that the amount of effort your average person put’s into their training and eating the nutritious food and also finishes their training program every week and get’s the same result as Ted or sometimes under, while Ted starts the week off eating junk and party’s every weekend! These are the different body types we are talking about. Ted is the best body type; he is a “Mesomorph” or also know as “the genetic freak!” People love to hate the Mesomorph’s because they can produce lean muscle mass so much quicker than your Ectomorph or Endomorph which are the other 2 body types.

Lets go into a little more detail into to each body type.

Mesomorph – Pure mesomorphs are naturally lean and muscular with small waists, broad shoulders, medium-sized joints and large, round muscle bellies Download games for free without timelimit. Mesomorphs are the typical natural-born athletes and body builders. Most of them were lean and muscular before they even started working out. For example, Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson is very mesomorphic with very muscular arms, shoulders and chest with small joints and very low body fat. A body builder like Arnold Schwarzenegger is almost pure mesomorph with low body fat and massive muscles. Because of his height and long limbs Mesomorphs are the genetically gifted people we all “love to hate” because they gain muscle and lose fat so easily nero cd burner kostenlos downloaden. These are the people who don’t seem to train or diet hard at all, yet their bodies respond like crazy. Bet you wish you were a Mesomorph!

Mesomorph - The people we love to hate!!

Ectomorph – The ectomorph tends to be tall and skinny with small joints and a small waist. Ectomorphs are naturally lean and usually never have trouble with excess body fat during their entire lives. Many ectomorphs can maintain extremely low body fat while doing no cardiovascular exercise whatsoever. Ectomorphs have overly efficient metabolisms. In other words, they “waste” excess calories as body heat, so they can often eat whatever they want without gaining fat. The downside is that ectomorphs also have a very difficult time gaining muscle. Ectomorphs usually stay close to the same body weight within a fairly narrow range Download xbox games for free. If they have any weight fluctuations, it’s usually in the direction of losing weight, especially if meals are skipped or caloric intake is too low. When an ectomorph increases their activity level, they will usually drop body weight and body fat very rapidly sometimes too quickly.Many ectomorphs begin bodybuilding to fill out their skinny frames. Although ectomorphs will seldom, if ever, develop the massive muscle thickness of the pure mesomorph, with persistence and hard work, most can overcome their body type and build impressive physiques showing excellent muscular definition herunterladen. However, ectomorphs will usually lose most of the muscle they gained if they quit training or if they allow their calories to drop too low for too long. Without proper ectomorph training and nutrition, they will eventually slide back towards the level of leanness where their body is most comfortable. It takes lifelong commitment for an ectomorph to keep the muscle and body weight up.

Ectomorph - Find it hard to put weight on.

Endomorph – Most people who are working hard but still struggling to lose body fat are endomorphs tiptoi geschichte herunterladen. An endomorph is someone with a slow metabolism who is genetically prone to store fat easily. Endomorphs are usually, but not always, large framed with medium to large joints. Endomorphs sometimes have varying degrees of carbohydrate sensitivity and insulin resistance, so high carbohydrate diets are usually not effective for body fat control. Processed and refined carbohydrates that contain white sugar and white flour are especially a no go area because it converts to body fat more rapidly in endomorphs. Low to moderate carbohydrate diets with higher protein usually work best for endomorphs. While some genetically gifted mesomorphs and ectomorphs can eat whatever they want and never gain any fat, the endomorph must eat clean and healthy almost all the time steam herunterladen pausiert. This requires the development of high levels of nutritional discipline. Endomorphs are the types who will tend to gain body fat very quickly if they eat too much or if they eat the wrong types of foods. Endomorphs cannot “cheat” frequently and get away with it. Their metabolisms are extremely unforgiving. One or two cheat meals per week seem to be the limit. Poor daily nutrition habits or frequent cheat days always set them back. Endomorphs generally have a very difficult time losing fat with diet alone. Even a nearly perfect diet sometimes won’t work by itself because the endomorph needs the boost in metabolism that exercise provides.

Endomorph - Find it hard to loose weight.

Your probably all hoping your not Endomorph, well lets find out what body type you are by doing a little questionnaire, lets be honest with yourself and answer the questions correctly because if you don’t  your body type may be wrong magix music maker 17 download vollversion kostenlos. Remember you can be in between two body types, eg  Endo – Mesomorph is someone who gains muscle but also gains fat while producing muscle.

Each answer you choose pick the number its beside and count them all up at the end.

A. Do you have a

1. Thin body?

2. Hard muscular body?

3. soft body?


B. Do you

1. Find it hard to gain fat?

2. Loose / Gain fat easy?

3. Put on fat easy?


C. Which traits best describe you myheritage?

1. Shoulders lack muscle & shoulder blades are winged?

2. Prominent trapezius, deltoid & forearm muscles?

3. short neck & round stomach?


D. Do you,

1. Feel hungry every 2-3 hours?

2. Feel hungry every 4-5 hours?

3.very rarely feel hungry?


E. Are you naturally,

1. Delicate & lightly muscled?

2. Thick set body?

3. Over weight without tone ps now play pc?


F. Are you,

1. Thin and Boney

2. Well proportioned in terms of weight and height?

3. Round body shape?


G. Do you have a,

1. Young appearance for your age?

2. Overly mature apperance?

3. Neither?


H. which traits best describe you in your own environment?

1. Anxious and have nervous habits?

2. Decisive, aggresive, assertive?

3. Timid, easygoing, happy go lucky?


I. As a child were you,

1. Chubby?

2. Normal?

3. Too thin?


J. Which shape best describes you?

1. Pencil shape?

2. V shape?

3 Pear shape or apple shape?


Well its the moment of truth, what body type are you?

Score range:

Ectomorph                         10 – 12

Eco / Mesomorph               13 – 17

Mesomorph                        18 – 22

Meso / Endomorph              23 – 26

Endomorph                         27 – 30

Ecomorph - Mesomorph - Endomorph

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