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Before & After

Hamish Lost 16.4KG

“Rob created a dynamic program of cardio and strength exercise routines that proved both challenging and productive download mp3 from youtube. His approach was disciplined and structured, yet his easy going nature ensured there was an element of fun involved in the programme. He also ensured that the program recognised a significant prior injury I had so as to not exacerbate it” xd herunterladen.

Irene Lost 21.2KG

“At no point during my weight loss journey did I feel like I was on a diet jugendbücher kostenlos online lesen und downloaden. Rob made exercise very enjoyable and food was just about choosing healthy options. I discovered that the more I exercised the more I was inclined to eat well.  Rob encouraged me to reward myself by having a ‘cheat day’ once a week were by I could treat myself to anything I wanted” download data from icloud.

Terry Lost 20.7KG

“Whilst other trainers would play with their mobile phones when training their clients, Rob’s eyes never left me as I did each repetition gta download mobile phone for free. He ensured that my movements were executed in a correct, fluid and effective manner. I’ve trained with 6 personal trainers since Rob left to continue his travels, and by comparison, Rob stands ahead of his peers word for free for pc. His technical knowledge is far superior than others, and his physical ability is also an inspiration to clients”.

Alex Lost 15.4KG

Overall, my results were beyond satisfying and I now have control over my body Instagram images app. I understand what I need to eat in order to get the desired result and I even know how much of what I SHOULD NOT eat before it causes an issue. Controlled cheating is essential to maintaining a healthy balance, so I treat myself on a weekly or biweekly basis, but I still train hard knowing where I was and how I felt when I was out of shape mittelalter spiele pc kostenlos downloaden.

zach before zach












Julia Lost 11.8KG

From day one I felt so supported in the online group and with the amazing trainers Rob, Julija and Vincent Download ebooks amazon. You really get out of it what you put in and when you have the bad days and are struggle you know you’re not on your own. I have managed to start the transformation of my body and my mind wie kann man hello neighbor herunterladen. I cannot recommend it enough”

rachel rachel back

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